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Avoid something, and it becomes scarier. Fear generates defensive walls that get bigger until it seems a giant monster hides behind them. – The “King Kong Effect” Those who have experienced strong avoidance or addictive behavior sometimes say it feels completely unable to control, like something has taken over that they are unable to restrain. […]

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For many, the most difficult problem about sleeping is feeling that there is very little they can do to help themselves fall (or fall back) asleep. Laying in bed when sleep won’t come and wondering what to do won’t help. Instead, follow a checklist of things that help. Come up with your own, or try […]


People with serious conditions know that serious symptoms are a sign that the underlying condition is about to take you down. What they often miss is that serious symptoms may artificially be held to “mild” by the medication—so “mild” symptoms on symptom-reducing medication may be serious—a last chance to take action. They may need to take symptoms more seriously than if they weren’t taking […]


The UX of Perception

July 26, 2022 · 1 comment

Concepts accurately simplified and combined often potentiate powerful paradigms—new ways of thinking that have the power to create improved results. UI (“user interface”) quality is sometimes summed up by the title of one of the key books about it: “Don’t make me think”. This means the user knows: What the results of actions will be; […]

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If the 1919 flu appeared today there is a fair chance COVID-19 would be seen as the worse threat. We haven’t seen something with COVID-19’s combination of fatality rate and reproduction rate spread widely since the 1919 flu. COVID-19 is estimated to be significantly MORE contagious (R2.26) than the 1919 flu (R2) has been estimated […]


At 10:05 am, after opening at 10, Costco is already insanely busy, busier than I have ever seen it. The line to get into the parking lot is backed up out onto feeder roads in both directions, and every spot is taken. The WHO declared a pandemic, followed by the U.S. President last night telling […]

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How to use jQuery on your site

September 21, 2019

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/use-google-libraries/ Google’s hosted versions are all compressed, minimized, everything. They’ve basically taken it upon themselves to optimize the hell out of these javascript libraries for the fastest possible hosting of them, with far-future expires headers and everything else. Google code can be blocked due to the US embargo against Iran 5% of the time it’s […]

Google Wants You to Tell it a Story

May 24, 2019

To decide what to show you in search results, Google pays attention to how long people spend on web pages. Unfortunately, that means a lot of content takes a long time to get to the point, deliberately wasting your time to make you stick around longer. They’re showing off for Google: “Hey, look how long […]

How to be more successful

September 8, 2017

To improve your success rate over time the most helpful two things are probably: 1. Commit to a minimum system you can maintain long term Continuously finding tiny improvements and building on them is the easiest route to success. Solve problems faster. See opportunities easier. Remember that a penny doubled for a month is over […]

Ten Greatest Chess Players of All Time

March 26, 2016

The way I look at it, World Champions that all later players copied can be said to have discovered (“discovery”) more of the truth about chess than anyone else. The most dominant Champions of their time who meet this criteria, in order of discovery+dominance, seem to be: Morphy Fischer Kasparov Capablanca The guys below are […]