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http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/use-google-libraries/ Google’s hosted versions are all compressed, minimized, everything. They’ve basically taken it upon themselves to optimize the hell out of these javascript libraries for the fastest possible hosting of them, with far-future expires headers and everything else. Google code can be blocked due to the US embargo against Iran 5% of the time it’s […]


To decide what to show you in search results, Google pays attention to how long people spend on web pages. Unfortunately, that means a lot of content takes a long time to get to the point, deliberately wasting your time to make you stick around longer. They’re showing off for Google: “Hey, look how long […]


How to be more successful

September 8, 2017 · 3 comments

To improve your success rate over time the most helpful two things are probably: 1. Commit to a minimum system you can maintain long term Continuously finding tiny improvements and building on them is the easiest route to success. Solve problems faster. See opportunities easier. Remember that a penny doubled for a month is over […]


The way I look at it, World Champions that all later players copied can be said to have discovered (“discovery”) more of the truth about chess than anyone else. The most dominant Champions of their time who meet this criteria, in order of discovery+dominance, seem to be: Morphy Fischer Kasparov Capablanca The guys below are […]


Google lies to you because they want to help you.


Pain from a wisdom tooth (left upper) had been getting worse every day. On the tenth day, I took no painkillers that morning and began documenting the pain. A typical 5-minute episode that morning, using no painkillers: Though I almost never get headaches myself, I added what to me were more intuitive labels to a common 1-10 […]


Why Hasn’t Anyone Solved This Huge Time Tracking Problem Yet?

July 5, 2013

Hi, I’m Dave Larson—@TweetSmarter. I help people find great tools and use social media well. I’m the ex-VP of marketing for BufferApp, Klout usually in the 80’s, CEO of management consulting firm Oppora.  Want to build this project or something like it? Let me know and I’ll help promote it! Ever Made a Game of Tracking Your […]

The Not-All-That-Important Higgs Bosun Particle

July 5, 2012

The Standard Model does not explain our universe, not even close. But what it does explain is proven…except that due to its glaring omissions in describing the actual universe, we can expect that some of what it proves will be found to be incomplete or in error. (Dark matter may make up 98 percent of all matter […]

Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows—The Complete List for v1.2.1.0

June 19, 2012

DOCUMENTS • EDIT • FILE • FORMAT • FULLSCREEN ONLY HELP F1 • OTHER • PROJECT • TOOLS • VIEW What is Scrivener? It’s the inexpensive book-writing software that NYTimes bestselling author Timothy Ferris relies on. But it’s good for much, much more as well. You should check it out, (Scrivener for Dummies coming soon […]

Adobe Creative Suite and Windows 7 install tips

March 12, 2012

How was your week? Mine was filled with a lot of technical problems. Apologies to those of you that were impacted by my lessened availability. Here’s what happened: I’m in the process of moving to a new social media website (and making a new one for my wonderful wife, Sarah), but I recently lost most of […]