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July 2010

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Apple.com uses a content width of 984. I didn’t know that until after I wrote this post, but I came to about the the same conclusion. Read on to find out why… Simple statistics… Of visitors to websites in mid-2010 (source): A quarter (24.3%) were using a screen resolution of 1024, less than 3% were […]


UPDATE 4. The former thesis business partner Brian Clark has joined forces with a different WordPress theme framework, StudioPress. UPDATE 3. Well, everything has changed. Here’s a quote from the founder of WordPress. Thesis has done the bare minimum not to be sued for its license violation and the code it copy/pasted from WordPress.” And the […]


Updates: I later purchased an HP Touchpad for $99, and much later, an iPad mini. “So, you’re an early adopter.” I heard this far too many times when people found out my wife and I bought an iPad. A partial inference being we were willing to accept problems as a trade-off for having something cool. […]