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January 2012

I’m watching the TV show Lost for the first time, thanks to Netflix. I’ve rarely owned a TV, and although I’ve sometimes “inherited” old ones, I usually get rid of them, because I find it such a huge time and energy drain. But my wife Sarah and I like to do things together, so we search for […]


While we set up the new Voice Results website, I’m posting this information here for students who need it. If you’ve taken the “Secrets of Voiceover” class from Voice Results in Minneapolis recently, your updated Home Studio handout (Word doc) explained why we recommend an external audio mixer and a condenser microphone with at least a 1-inch […]

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Note: You can also discuss this post at Hacker News. UPDATE: It took seven years, but here’s the first commercial version: TheVerge.com/2019/2/20/18231249/samsung-galaxy-fold-folding-phone-features-screen-photos-size-announcement People are still using their desktop and laptop computers instead of only smartphones and tablets. At work, they have to; they need the performance. Tablets can be used  as monitors or terminals, but need […]


You know the photo below, right? the earth in space? Well actually, the image above is a photo of a water droplet, superimposed on a night sky background, cleverly reflecting a 2-d photo map of the earth from space. Below is the actual photo, next to a photo of the studio setup where the photo was taken […]