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June 2010

The long-term consequences of web design choices are difficult to foresee. This is the third in a four-part series on how to prepare websites to change and grow and still look and work great without a major redesign. This guide is here to steer you in the direction of choices that will give you the greatest […]


I’ve previously written technical manuals for the United Nations, NCR and ADC Telecommunications, among others, and I’ve found Todo by Appigo to be fantastic for time management and GTD planning. But in teaching Todo to new users, I’ve found that learning features first causes a “Can’t see the forest for the trees”-type problem. So I wrote […]


Share your personal best image fix and I’ll blog and tweet about you. (Using photoshop or any other progam.) Put a link in a comment and I’ll add your before/after image and link to your site in this blog post—and tweet about you! (So include your Twitter username if you have one—I’ll tweet about you […]


I’ve always enjoyed tweaking Google queries to give more focused results. When you find the right search, the results can be magical. Google lets you search for very targeted subsets of things For example, take a look at the difference between these two searches: corporate governance corporate governance ~whitepaper OR “white paper” filetype:pdf For someone tasked […]