Share your personal best image fix and I’ll blog and tweet about you. (Using photoshop or any other progam.)

Put a link in a comment and I’ll add your before/after image and link to your site in this blog post—and tweet about you! (So include your Twitter username if you have one—I’ll tweet about you from our @CreativityBoost account). Here’s one I had to work over pretty heavily recently:

Example of heavy Photoshop retouching

Heavy retouch using Photoshop

Send a link to a favorite example that YOU did YOURSELF, not just cool things you’ve seen others do 🙂 Please, just one image link and one post link per person. You can post your image it in a couple of seconds free and easy on if you don’t already have a way to share it. Just include the link in your comment. If you have a blog post describing what you did I’ll link to that too, otherwise feel free to add as much or little detail in your comment as you wish.

Since this is a hobby of mine, I feel free to go ahead and spend a lot of time on some images, for fun. Here’s a screenshot of some of the adjustments I did on this one.

Your great retouching:

Click any photo to go to retoucher’s site:

Retouching by Lauren Kleiman