You may have noticed I haven’t been very responsive for a bit.

I’ve been mostly offline for about a week, as I’ve had a bit of an on-again, off-again health issue that stymied me, but got a lot worse about a week ago. Turned out to be a mold allergy problem.

A steel file cabinet next to where I work that is mainly for storage turned out to have some serious mold inside. Easy to fix, but boy, was it wiping me out! Really glad to have such a seemingly serious mystery ailment diagnosed and fixed so quickly.

Of course, it meant working on the computer in my study was where I felt worse. It felt like being allergic to the internet some days.

This is the first time in over three years of managing the @TweetSmarter account that I haven’t been able to work on it every day. Usually of course I have worked on it several hours every day.