UPDATES at bottom of post.

I’m creating a business card for my wife’s company and would love any feedback. Here’s what the latest iteration looks like:

I very much welcome your suggestions or comments! I’m leaving a blank space in the lower right so we can add special notes or add additional details later. Likewise we might print some with a special message on the black stripe at bottom, such as a special discount.

I’m over-emphasizing the logo (size and saturated colors) to help give credibility to what is a new business. Later the plan would be to drop the glowing blue marble and reduce the size. There is a lack of realism in the lighting, so one obvious change would be to make the blue marble simply glow without the big white surface highlight.

We settled on the iconic microphone graphic early on, and iterated some logo possibilities with it in a circle:

On a website, the blue stripe would continue all the way across the page and become the navigation menu bar.

This is the most refined of several variations using the sound waves to either side of the microphone icon. This was my preferred variation initially.

This was my original quickie attempt to have something for her business cards and website right away.

UPDATE: Here’s a couple (edit: deleted one, will replace) of somewhat simplified versions, incorporating a number of suggestions. Still seems a bit “overwrought.” This card will be a foldout version to have room for additional information beyond the back of the card: